Blog expansion

To all my amazing followers,

I am so thankful for your support in my poetic endeavors on Freckle me Silly. I’m also excited to let you in on my plans to expand this blog beyond just poetry. While I love sharing poetry and will definitely continue posting it here, I’ll be adding even more content on a variety of topics. Here’s a bit more about who I am and what I’m passionate about:

Brianna Anna

As you know, I love creative writing, design, and photography. You may not know that I’m a supporter of the oxford comma, I’m passionate about food (who’s not?) and the cooking, baking, grilling, et cetera of it. I also enjoy burning those calories off in the weight room at my gym.

I’m trying to learn Spanish to get on the level of my fluently bilingual boyfriend, which I’m finding is no simple task. I have a fascination with stars and their extraterrestrial home.

But here’s the brass tack: I am a multidimensional person with countless interests that I would love to share with you. By expanding this blog I am no longer confined to only sharing my poetry—though you will still be seeing plenty of it! I look forward to the exciting future of Freckle Me Silly and am happy to have you along for the ride.

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