20 Things To Do This Year

Resolutions are so last year! If you want a prime case of the motivated, impassioned go-getter in January that somehow makes it to the end of the year and can’t even tell you their resolutions, that’s me. Instead of getting all resolution gung-ho, I’m trying a different approach. This year I’m giving myself a 2015 bucket list. Somehow it feels less committal and more fun-focused. And I’m all about that approach! What’s on your ’15 bucket list?


1. Actually take photos with a whole reel of film on my camera
2. Learn an entire song in Spanish
3. Write a poem dedicated to my sister
4. Cook a new gourmet meal (any suggestions?)
5. Read my Christmas present, “The Secret History of Wonder Woman”
6. Write a fan letter to one of my favorite celebrities
7. Take my mom to see a 3-D printer in-person
(she’s worked in printing her entire career and would love to see a 3-D printer in action)
8. Bench press over 100 lbs (5 reps, 5 sets)
9. Sew my own article of clothing
10. Do a freelance design project
11. Volunteer
12. Sing a solo in front of an audience
13. Upgrade to an iPhone 6
14. Design a cute self-portrait
15. Take an awesome aerial photo
16. Successfully make french macarons
17. Discover my spirit animal
18. Illustrate myself with my spirit animal
19. Go out of the Midwest on vacation
20. Move somewhere new

2015 Buket List
2015 Buket List by from my Polyvore

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