Giveaway: Year subscription to BH&G magazine


So, the craziest thing happened to me the other day!! I was blogging in a local coffee shop when a woman tried to pay for her coffee with a credit card (a no-no on orders less than $5). She started digging around in her wallet and I, being the gracious person I am, quickly grabbed a $5 bill and walked over and handed it to the cashier. Turns out, this woman is in a high-up position at Better Homes & Gardens and that connection sparked this giveaway!

Actually, none of that is true. I didn’t connect with any high-up CEOs or pull any strings for my first giveaway. In reality, this kind of fell into my lap (without paying for a stranger’s coffee).

The facts are these: I helped my 100boyfriend pick out these awesome BH&G dishes the other night at Walmart and the purchase came with a free year’s subscription to the magazine. So, I thought what better way to celebrate my 100 amazing followers (yay!!) than giving back to you?

Are these dishes amazing or are they amazing?


If you’re into home decor, space organization, recipes, gardening or DIY projects, you could love this magazine. If you like all five of those topics, you’re probably already in love.

To enter, just fill out the form below. One entry per person, please. Oh, and you must be following this blog to win. Next Friday, Feb. 6, the winner will be chosen and announced. The winner will be emailed the website and magic confirmation code for a free year’s subscription to Better Homes & Gardens magazine. Good luck!

Sign me up!

And if you like or comment on this blog, you’ll receive a priceless prize: my extreme gratitude and the knowledge that you put a smile on this freckled blogger’s face.

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