Chimichurris, a.k.a. Dominican Burgers

I am in love with Latin American food. My boyfriend being half Dominican, half Honduran might be a contributing factor. Any time he visits family in Florida, Brian tells me he has to stop at a food truck and get a Chimichurri. The tricky part about re-creating this sweet Caribbean burger is that no vendors will tell you their ingredients. I tried a recipe from Dominican Cooking’s website that you can find here and it turned out miiighty tasty!

The burger itself was infused with an array of colorful flavors with a topping of cabbage soaked in sweet sauce that added a subtle tropical tang. My kitchen-goddess grandma called it the best burger she’d ever had (and she’s had quite a few burgers in her lifetime).

The only downside is the preparation time. With three pairs of hands it goes pretty quickly, but I’d never attempt Chimichurris alone.

To begin, you mix ketchup, mayo, orange juice and Worcestershire sauce until it has a smooth texture, then set it in the fridge.


Next, you throw about a half an onion, garlic, bell pepper, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce into a food processor and pulse it until achieving a coarse mixture. Then, you dump the mixture into a bowl with the raw hamburger meat (enough for 6 patties) and mix thoroughly. (Now would also be a great time to heat up the grill.)

paste and meat

After the onion/pepper combination is mixed thoroughly into the meat and looks something like this:

meat mixture

It’s time to make some burger patties! I was able to make 7 with this recipe. Time to bring your scrumptious patties some heat! Grill them the same amount of time you would a regular burger.


While your meat’s a cookin’, put about half an onion and a sliced Roma tomato in a pan with a dash of oil and saute for a few minutes or until the onions begin to get tender. Then, you can remove the sauce from the fridge and mix half of it with your sliced up cabbage (I used a little less than half a head). Then, add the sauced-up cabbage to your onion and tomato combination over medium-low heat for a couple minutes.

sauce cabbage

Throw your buns in the toaster (or on the grill) and go check on your patties. They should look as glorious as this:


For the assembly, follow this order: bottom bun, beef patty, cabbage mixture, drizzle of extra sauce, top bun. Now you can enjoy your sweet, juicy Dominican burger. We had sesame seed asparagus as our side, which was a delectable combo. Enjoy!

final photo

If you try your hand at Chimichurris (I highly suggest you do), let me know how yours turn out!

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