Top 5 Super Bowl Ads

Can I get a holler from all my Super Bowl commercial-enthusiasts? This year, I’m pretty sure all the marketing directors conspired to find out who could make grown men and women cry the fastest in 60 seconds. Seriously, so many feels! While I appreciate messages that spoke louder than brand advertisement, I’m still sore from the emotional whiplash of enjoying the game to dead children speaking on my TV screen—I’m looking at you, Nationwide.

In case you weren’t watching last night, here are the best ads you missed:


The real syncher here is that the chilling 911 call was real. The commercial was based on an actual call that a dispatcher received. Well-placed in a year of so many highly-publicized domestic abuse cases within the NFL.

This ad approached a serious, often graphic subject without the shock factor, which I appreciate. They could easily have shown the selfie time-lapse video that showed an abused Serbian woman’s physical and emotional decline. The advertisers instead relied on story, not disturbing visuals, which I feel was an appropriate choice for a Super Bowl commercial but still drove a point home.

4. Weight Watchers “All You Can Eat”

Food is drug. Nice comparison Weight Watchers! This is a message so many Americans need to hear. Especially with that closing line, the excuse we hear all too often: “You gotta eat, right?”

Well, yeah, but maybe I didn’t need to drink that highly-sugary latte, drool over the bar of dark chocolate and shovel down twenty marshmallows. Not only does this commercial illustrate a weighty problem (see what I did there?), it seamlessly cries for a call to action: take back control!

3. Mophie “All-Powerless”

I had no idea what was happening until the end of this clip and I laughed so hard! The beginning was full of fascinating visuals and imaginative end-of-the-world scenarios that had my eyes glued to the screen. Then, when his face popped up with that low battery sign. Ahhhaha!

I think God himself was laughing with all of us. This was a hilarious and clever advertisement. A happily welcomed breath of humor among some tear-jerking competing ads.

2. Budweiser “Lost Dog”

As if the friendship of an adorable puppy and giant Clydesdale wasn’t touching enough, we’ve got the heart-tugging “500 Miles” in the background compelling us to happy tears when the precious puppy gets rescued from a wolf.

Budweiser must be doing something right if a young woman who doesn’t drink beer is applauding their ad on her blog (that’s me). This commercial did nothing to compel me to grab a pack of Buds, but I don’t think that was the point anyway. Memorable story-telling made us remember the name the next day.

1. Always #LikeAGirl

Dominating social media and the hearts of American women, Always won the night with their #LikeAGirl ad. A stark departure from spilling colored liquid onto pearly white pads, this message is still echoing long after the game. The delivery left me feeling inspired and empowered. I wanted to go do some kickboxing! Again, this was an ad that put less emphasis on selling a product than it did sending a message. A message that was delivered loud and clear. Thanks, Always.

P.S. If you’re a true Super Bowl commercial enthusiast, you can watch all the ads on

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Super Bowl Ads”

  1. The Nationwide one…holy moly! When the little boy said “but I died” I just looked at my fiancé and gave him a pouty lip…what do you even say/do!! Buzzkill lol

  2. I’d read that 911 call when it happened a few months back– such incredible quick thinking and communication for both the woman and the dispatcher.

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