What’s in my gym bag?

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A workout bag is far more than a carrying device for workout essentials. It’s a sanity-protecting, treasure-filled life-saver that takes serious planning. Every gym bunny needs to be ready for snapped hair ties, uncomfortable callouses or a post-workout run to the grocery store.

Prepare yourself. You are now entering the mystical, never-before-seen world of my gym bag…

Gym bag decyphered

Packing the main pouch:

  • Your outfit: athletic bottoms, top, sports bra and shoes (if you’re not already wearing them)
  • An extra pair of socks and panties for post-shower freshness

Stuffing the side pockets: (here come the fitness pro items)

  • Deodorant: for your aroma during any post-workout errands.
  • Mini-lint roller: those of you who wear black yoga pants understand why.
  • At least two extra hair ties (and headbands if you use them). Do the five hair ties I carry scream that I’ve learned from experience?
  • Combo lock: you know that gym compartment you store your treasure bag in? The locker? It doesn’t work without a lock.
  • Water or shaker bottle: portable hydration station!
  • Nutrition or protein bar: don’t let hangry attitude sneak up on you, keep an emergency snack with you always!
  • Lotion: any regular weight-lifter knows the ache of palm callouses and the soothing slice of heaven lotion provides.
  • Body spray: b.o. doesn’t need to tag along on after-exercise errands.
  • Face wipes: don’t give sweat time to soak into your pores, keep your face flawlessly fresh.
  • Lip balm: chapped lips can cramp your style. I always have bee’s wax lip balm on-hand.
  • BONUS: Shoe baggie: although I’m not currently carrying one, I think it is a fabulous idea to have a bag for your shoes to keep dirt and odors contained.
Square image
I am determined never to run out of hair ties!

What else do you carry in your gym bag?

5 thoughts on “What’s in my gym bag?”

  1. Man version:
    Shoes – Altra Escalante
    Socks – none, barefoot running
    Bottoms – Skins A400 shorts/tights
    Top – Skins A400, Asics
    Accessories – Running belt, watch, headband, gloves, water bottle, Tribe bar.
    This covers all weathers – pretty much.

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