6 Apps You Need On Your Phone

Sleep Cycle

I love this app almost as much as my Sleep Cyclememory foam pillow…which I adore! Stop living a life of alarms jolting you out of your glorious REM cycle. Not only does Sleep Cycle track those cycles, it uses that info to gently wake you when you’re most awake within a range of time you set (I usually do a 20-min. range).

Plus, you can track your waking heart rate, mood and add notes to see if certain activities have an effect on your sleep. Sleep Cycle has got you covered while you’re covered in bed. (I’m basically my own personal sleeping beauty specialist now.)


With a design as aesthetically pleasing as your photos hopefully are, this app makes editing pictures as simple as snapping a photo. You can edit everything from shadow tint to skin tone. Plus, you can bathe in an artistic pool of inspiration with the explore option. I hope to be as amazing of a photographer as the people whose photos I drool over on this app.


So many laughs, so many tears! Everyone needs a portable version of Taboo and this is it. You are given one word to make your team guess and 5 words you can’t use in the process. A word bank of 250 keeps the fun fresh. Never have I heard so much panicked stuttering and repetitive um’s from my friends.

Tip: If you run out of phone battery and seriously need some party uplifting try pictionary telephone! All you need are good ole fashion pens and paper

Star Walk 2

Star Walk
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away just became ten seconds ago on an intelligent, beautiful app. Aim your phone at different areas of the sky to see constellations, planets, star clusters and galaxies in that portion of the heavenly abode.

You can even get on Superman’s level with x-ray vision. X-ray, gamma ray and infrared are just a few of the wavelengths you can view with. Looking at a twinkling night sky is awe-inspiring and this app takes the experience to a whole new galaxy (literally!)

Tiny Wings

My favorite cute little phone game! All this pudgy chick with baby wings wants to do is catch some air. Even his exited “yippee!” sounds cute. You can help those tiny wings by tapping on the screen to propel the bird from hill-jumps. And I’m all about those games where you only use one finger! Never play a game with me where there are multiple buttons and limited lives.

Plus, you can play by yourself and boss all the challenges or get brave and race some other birdies. You can watch a video of it here.

World Lens

Do you travel or study another language? (Pig Latin doesn’t count.) You’ve just been bestowed with the means to live-translate any printed word. As you move the app’s camera over a book page or street sign it will change the text to German or Italian or Spanish—there are 6 languages you can translate to or from. Cool, right?! Check it out in action:

Do you already use any of these apps? If not, what are your favorites right now?

6 thoughts on “6 Apps You Need On Your Phone”

  1. I need that sleep app! My favorite app right now is RunKeeper to keep track of my marathon training. Plus you can see all your friends’ workouts and comment to help motivate each other. It’s been fun!

  2. These are such great app ideas! I hadn’t heard of half of them…downloading now! 🙂

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