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Guest post on Posh and Spicy!


Today I’m thrilled to share a guest blog I wrote for an amazing blogger! Toby on Posh and Spicy has a fresh, fantastic melting pot of fashion, life and beauty insight. Please go check her blog out!

You can find my post here: 3 Beauty Brands You Should Be Buying. I was compelled to write about a few brands that I use who display enormous social and environmental responsibility.

While it’s impossible to be the brand po-po and complete a background check on every product you buy, I feel it’s important to be well-informed on beauty companies specifically. It seems these companies are notorious for testing on little bunnies, using sketchy chemical ingredients and focusing on creating false expectations for women.

Unfortunately for us, beauty brands don’t advertise their ugly traits. Which is why I’ve armed you with three high-quality, high-moral brands in my guest post. If you’re going to invest in a product that sells beauty, wouldn’t it be great to know they’re making people’s lives and our world more beautiful too?

Do you use any beauty brands that do more than provide a good product? Please share them in a comment because I’d love to check them out!

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