Guest Post: 3 Beauty Brands you should be buying – by Freckle Me Silly

Posh & Spicy

Hello my Ladies,

After a weekend of party, glitz and glam it is time to go back to basics. Simple cosmetics with no surprises as seen in the following guest post from Freckle Me Silly. You all must hop on over and check out her blog. I love her style and flair of design when it comes to her blog. There is something about simple products that you know from where it is coming from and what it is going to do, don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the beautiful, glam packaging of many mass cosmetic products that cost a ton but smell divine etc;) But sometimes its good to go back to the real thing; from mother nature!

Hola Posh & Spicy friends! I’m Brianna from Freckle Me Silly. I’m a recent grad working for a nationwide newspaper publisher and in my free time, I’m a writer…

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