Old School Things I Still Use

Old School-01The smell of a library book’s old pages, the taste of made-from-scratch bread, the feel of a pencil clasped between dancing fingers…there are a few things in life that are just better old-school. Here are six old-school things that I think we should still be using:

Phone keypad: How many phone numbers can you recite by heart? My mother still doesn’t know mine…the same number I’ve had for the past 5 years. I don’t care how careful you are about watching your battery, how up-to-date your contact backup is, there will come a day when you don’t have access to your precious contacts and your memory (in your brain) will become either your savior or your downfall. You should have at least 5 phone number memorized. And yes, I guess you can count 911.

Cursive: Yes, my fellow 90’s kids were falsely told we’d need cursive in college, but you should still be glad you learned it. Originally, cursive was seen as a sign of status and taught in penmanship classes. The typewriter stamped sayonara all over that.

Yet, even with our current reliance on digital communication, I still love the loopy, elegant aesthetics of cursive. Even when we can telepathically communicate I’ll still admire that handwritten font. Plus, when anyone sees the curvy handwriting of my to-do list, they’ll instantly know I’m no peasant!


Film camera: Click, ping, whoosh, snap! These sounds don’t come from a touchscreen photo button on your iPhone. Well, not organically, anyway. With many interesting sounds of film camera also come several steps before you capture a photo.

Film forces you to slow down, invest thought into each photo and become highly selective about your pictures. It’s also the only type of camera that can create artistic double exposures in-camera versus using Photoshop afterward. And I practice the same type of photography as greats Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange and Brian Duffy.

Stamps: Who doesn’t appreciate receiving a letter amidst bills and junk mail? In college, my grandparents and I wrote letters to one another biweekly. Now, I’m pen-palling with grad friends who are sprawled across the country. It’s such a valuable way to communicate because seeing someone’s handwriting just seems more personal than reading a text, you don’t have to coordinate schedules like with a phone call and your letter-receiver gets a keepsake note on artistic stationary. Bonus points for writing letters in cursive!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sun hats: The type of woman who wears a sun hat is mysterious, partially hiding her face under the brim of a classy accessory. She’s stylish, opting for fashion statement sun protection over a baseball cap. A suave, laid-back lady, she knows how to let her hair down with charm. Now tell me you don’t want to be a sun hat woman.

Curlers: If there’s anything I have from my German heritage it’s stubbornness, which comes out in my stubbornly straight hair. Anyone feel me? Spiral curlers are the boss at transforming these locks. Curling irons are nice and all, but I’d rather wrap up my mane and go about my day than spend 90 minutes curling strand by strand. Oh, and for some magical reason spiral curlers keep my hair bouncy for way longer than iron curls.

6 thoughts on “Old School Things I Still Use”

  1. Real books! I just cannot let them go. I don’t want to read it on a screen! I want the touch and feel of turning the pages!! And I agree about the snail mail. I send out at least one thing per week!

  2. Stamps. I love the part about stamps. I’ve been making an effort to send out all hand-made cards for all occasions this year as opposed to buying them!! I’ve nominated you for the “Inspiring Blogger Award” because I always love seeing your posts! I hope you can check out the rules on my latest blog post when you have some free time!

    //Alyssa K.

    1. Hand-made cards are the best! It’s fun to get your crafty side on and a personalized card is so much more fun to receive. (I love cute stamps too.) And thank you so much for the nomination!! I’ll definitely be posting about it on my blog soon 🙂

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