Why no one at the gym likes you

This photo was not staged, nor did anyone touch those kettle bells in the 20 minutes I was working out in that area.

I recently had an interaction at the gym that sparked this post. Upon approaching a Smith machine, I eyed 120 pounds loaded on the seemingly vacant machine. Two men were using weights next to it, so I politely asked, “Are you using this?” One of them responded, “No, I haven’t seen anyone using it either.” I thanked him and prepared to do the extra work of unloading. To my surprise, this gem of a human being said, “Do you want some help with those?”

“Oh no, I’ve got it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

He then proceeded to comment, “I hate when people leave their weights like that. This ain’t your moma’s gym. If you can load them, you can unload them.” I energetically agreed and we indulged in a brief min-rant as I set up to do my sets. So, apparently I’m not the only one who’s irked by a lack of gym etiquette. If you’re getting evil glares at the gym, one of these may be the reason why:

You are an only-loader: You don’t mind loading an abundance of weights onto the barbell, but unloading them when finished just isn’t your style. So you simply walk away and leave them for the next person to unload. I mean, if the person after you can’t lift the same weight as you, they probably don’t belong at the gym, right?

My message to you: This isn’t your moma’s gym. Pick up after yourself like an adult.

You drop it like it’s hot: You’ve got the strength of an ox when it comes to lifting 220 pounds, but when it’s time to set them down, why do it gently? Just let all that weight nosedive onto the floor with a glorious clatter that makes even the mirrors shudder! After all, how else will everyone know to check out how many 45’s you’re lifting?

My message to you: Did you buy all those weights and barbell? No? Okay, then don’t treat them like your personal garbage. If you can’t set your weight down gently, you’re obviously lifting too heavy and abusing equipment that doesn’t belong to you. *mic drop*

You’re an evil queen: Let’s not sugar-coat this, your time at the gym is split evenly between working out and checking yourself out. Because the lighting at the gym is so much better than the lighting in your apartment bathroom, duh.

My message to you: Don’t invade limited gym space for the best angle of your reflection. If you’re giving others space and not being outspoken about what you see, then I actually have no problem here.

You’re a Monopoly extraordinaire: Gym space is like a Monopoly board. Own as many spots as you can! You may be using the leg press but that doesn’t mean you can’t also claim an entire rack of weights by draping your sweatshirt over top. Oh, and since no one will probably use that bench in the next hour it’d make a perfect spot for your water bottle and gym bag. You’re not about to use the floor like a peasant, that’s for sure!

My message to you: Since most people don’t wipe down their equipment, the floor might actually be a cleaner place to set your things. Better yet, use your FREE locker room pass!

You’re a sandbox kid: The gym is your sandbox. It’s filled with toys that you can use and then leave within the sandbox wherever you want and it’s all good (see photo)! Whoever needs that weight clip or kettle bell next will eventually find it. The gym’s only so big, right?

My message to you: There are beautiful, organized racks and hooks for literally every item in the gym. The only things that belong on the floor are shoe soles and yoga mats.

If you identified with one of these gym-goers, I hope you’ve been enlightened on your less-than-stellar behavior. And for the rest of you who patiently put up with the extra work, stay a step above. Stay gymazing!

9 thoughts on “Why no one at the gym likes you”

  1. I will add to this: people who think it’s their personal mission to comment on everyone’s form. You are not my personal trainer, okay! Go away! This used to happen to me a lot when I had a larger gym membership, and it was always guys just trying to look cool or make an excuse to start a conversation.

    1. Ha, that’s a good one to add to the list! I wonder how often correcting someone’s form actually leads into a real conversation at the gym. Good thing you won’t be having that problem anymore as a yoga teacher!

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