Seagull Award!! (a HUGE honor)

I’m so excited to accept the elite Seagull award that I was nominated for by Kristi on Bonafide Kristi! This is such a huge deal for me because I’ve been hoping to be honored with this incredible award since I first heard of it in January. The seagull award is distinct because you only nominate one other extraordinary blogger who soars to new heights by breaking blogging norms in the content they post. I can’t even put into words how honored I am to be recognized as a blogger who spreads their wings to reach new blogging heights!

Seagull award-01


– Share 6 facts about yourself that you’ve never told anyone!
– Post the award on your blog
– Nominate just one elite blog that you follow

My 6 facts that no one else knows:

  • I have a gigantic crush on Jeff Goldblum
  • I’m afraid to leave my closet door open at night
  • I love eating in the shower
  • I only have 9 toes because I lost one to frostbite
  • Sometimes I lose track of time while sitting on the toilet browsing social media on my phone
  • Even though I’m a grown adult, every now and then when I have trouble sleeping, I suck my thumb and it helps me fall asleep

Hopefully my confessions didn’t scare any followers off! Finally, I have done research on all the blogs I follow to discover one blogger that rises above the rest. My seagull award nominee is *drumroll please* Anna on Basket of BanAnna!!

One more rule: In reality, all my followers are officially nominated for the seagull award! You’ve earned this award if you were indeed gull-ible enough to fall for this 100% fake April Fool’s Day post (that includes my 6 “facts”). If you fell for my post, go ahead and grab that seagull award and proudly display it on your blog today!

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