My battle with resisting change

Floodgates of tears shake with anticipation, all order unwinds into a tangled nest of twine, thoughts that were clear before are shrouded in murky uncertainty. The battle between Brianna and change had begun.

I’ve always been skittish of big life changes. I love the fantasizing and creating Pinterest dream boards, but when reality comes barreling in, I come face-to-face with the same battle I’ve always fought. Myself vs. change. Decisions and changes that I make can affect not only the entire course of my life, but countless others that my life touches. That’s some terrifying responsibility! I’m working to make amends after a long history of butting heads with change. Yes, it’s scary, but preparation and self-confidence are formidable armor to don.

In a bold move for change, I recently turned in my two-week notice at work to accept a new job which I start on Tuesday. An important aspect of making life decisions is relaxing after you’ve made one and trusting that God’s got your back. Instead of fretting about if I’d made the right choice or not, I took 5 of my vacation days and booked a ticket to Florida! My old roommate lives near Orlando, so I bunked there and we had some memory-making adventures.


We visited Wekiwa Springs State Park and it was incredible. The park is enormous! Also, there are clear water springs where people gather to swim and kayak. We easily saw the spring floor through clear, sparkling water. IMG_1604IMG_1603 IMG_1719

Also at the park were miles and miles and MILES of trails to walk on. According to my Fitbit, I walked 19,364 steps, 8.19 miles and had 140 active minutes that day. Although I will admit, I was kind of nervous the whole time that an alligator was going to pop out of the foliage. The only wildlife we ended up seeing were turtles and a turkey.


And It’s not a Florida vacation unless you visit the beach, so we spent a day at Cocoa Beach to make my visit official. Luckily, even thought it’s only April, it was warm enough to swim!IMG_1662 IMG_1701

This vacation was the perfect distraction from sitting at home worrying if I had made the best career choice, wondering if my new coworkers will like me, or fretting about the universe of other things I have no control over.

I chose to use my recent change as a breath of fresh air and time see my amazing friend, exerting my energy on exciting new adventures. Now I’m looking forward with anticipation to the next adventure with the start of my new job next week. I know I’ll have a fantastic first week because I already decided to. I’m eager for all the “new’s” that are on the horizon. So, tke that, change!

7 thoughts on “My battle with resisting change”

  1. Hey, I also dislike when something changes quickly. I start to over think and it’s enough to make me sick. I guess the easiest thing to do is take it one day at a time (easier said then done).
    Wish you the best at your new job ❤ I go to college in Florida and I must go visit this park. It is beautiful 🙂

    1. Thanks Thays! Over-thinking is what gets me too. I’m definitely getting better at not only accepting change but seeking it.
      That park is seriously beautiful! You will have such an awesome time even if you just hang out and swim in the spring. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

  2. I’m all about change in theory, but decision-making is my mortal enemy. Can’t stand the idea of closing out all other options when I pick a direction. But I’m coming to the conclusion that making ANY decision is better than none at all. Good luck at the new job! Looks like you’re off to a good start with your Florida trip — looks beautiful!

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