My Personal Manifesto in 6 Words

Everyone should have a personal manifesto. A statement that boldly declares your purpose and driving values. Or a personal reminder of what’s important to you. It should be a small script that captures what ignites you, makes you feel truly alive and shapes the structure of your personality. I wrote this 6-word manifesto for myself about a year ago and it still rings true. This beauty is my inspiring motivator:


Strong enough: To remind myself that I am physically capable with a healthy, fully functioning body and the mental stamina to push through tests of strength.

Smart enough: To never forget that I have accomplished incredible intellectual feats and have a bright, quick mind that deserves to be challenged and stimulated on the daily.

Crazy enough: Because sometimes being strong and smart isn’t enough. I need a touch of crazy to push me out of my comfort zone and into the realm of extraordinary.

Enough! Three enough’s to emphasize that the best I have to offer is plenty. God’s great love and grace reminds me of it every day: I truly am good enough.

What’s your 6-word personal manifesto? I”d love to hear it in a comment below!

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