A-Zs of classiness (ladies and gentlemen)

When I think of classy role models I usually think of people like Julie Andrews, George Clooney, Lupita Nyong’o, to name a few. However, the thing about class is, it has nothing to do with money or status. It has everything to do with attitude.

Luckily, attitude is something that is in every person’s own control. I can be a class act regardless of where I’m from or who I’m wearing. When I think about the classiest people in my life, they also happen to be the people who leave me feeling incredibly happy after I spend time with them. These gems of human beings are polite, well-tempered and others-oriented. With that in mind, here are my A to Z’s on being classy:

ABCs of classiness-01What traits make you instantly see someone else as a classy person?

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