Why You Should Be Celebrating May Day

With this Friday comes one of the most beautiful holidays of the year. Not to be confused with the “holiday” my grandma declares, “Horray, horray the first of May! Outdoor sex begins today!” Yes, that was a quote from my dear grandmother. I love that woman to death.

Unfortunately for you, this post is not about outdoor sex. It’s about the party you may have been missing all this time: May Day!

May Day, the first day of May, celebrates fresh flower blooms, warmer weather and new life. Bursts of color resonate in vibrant displays on maypoles decorated with banners and flowers twirling in the wind. Dancers celebrate by grasping the end of a maypole ribbon and moving in patterns with other dancers to create beautiful, intricate designs that wrap around the pole. At least, traditionally that’s what happened.

maypole photo: Maypole MAYPOLE.jpg
Photo: Photobucket
Today, you’re more likely to get ding-dong-ditched with a basket of goodies than participate in a glorious maypole dance. Baskets of candy or flowers are left on doorsteps to the surprise of the receivers. Best holiday, or what?!

In high school, I had a friend who quickly stomped away from my office area after dropping off an entire plate of homemade cookies on May Day. I’ve obviously always chosen my friends well.

But, since we have creepos in this world, it’s probably better to drop off fully wrapped goodies for unsuspecting may basket receivers. Or stick to flowers! Here are some cute Pinterest examples:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.18.02 AM

As you can see, even if you couldn’t care less about May Day history, it’s a perfect excuse to get your craftiness on and bring a little sunshine to someone’s day.

Will you be celebrating May Day this year?

8 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Celebrating May Day”

  1. Although May Day is my birthday, I’ve never danced around a Maypole, but I think I’ll celebrate this year with a few doorknob gifts for my friends. What a neat idea!

  2. I’ve never heard of the gift-giving aspects of May Day, how lovely! We get a day off work (hurrah!) but otherwise don’t really celebrate. Mind you, given it was *snowing* yesterday – not so sure your Grandma’s idea is a sensible one for ‘sunny’ Scotland 😉

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