11 Q&As (Liebster Award)

Blog awards never get old. Being honored with the acknowledgement that your grasp on writing stands out, your content is intriguingly exceptional, that you capture people’s attention enough to make them want more; that’s an incredible distinction! I love how the blog world seeks to help one another by supporting talented writers through comments, awards and features. It’s truly amazing how we create a family of encouragement and support that spans across the world.

Which is why I’m so elated that Chloe nominated me on It Started in Oxford. This blogging sister posts updates on her health journey (including her recent switch to Vegan), positive little pleasures and charming pictures/stories from her life in Georgia (not the state). Though I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award, it’s a welcome second nomination and still exciting for me! Here are Chloe’s questions with my answers:

1: Where is your dream travel destination? I would love to see the coast of Greece with all the white buildings, clean architecture and dome roofs.

2: Dogs or cats?


This is me and my boyfriend’s mangy beauty.

3: Do you have any hidden talent? I consider myself very good at gift-giving. I always keep my ears open during the year when friends or family mention something they wish they had and then I sneakily buy it for their birthday or Christmas. My grandma gets a kick out of cheeky humor, so I made her this ornament for Christmas one year. She laughed SO hard and said it’s her favorite one on the tree now.


4: Can you speak any foreign languages? Estoy aprendiendo español!

5: What is your favourite type of flower? I love lilies so much, especially all the different colors they bloom in.

6: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Probably thinking about settling down in an outdoorsy city after having traveled the world for many years with my husband.

7: How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Imaginative, loving, compelling

8: Tea or coffee?


Coffee. Ask me next week and I’ll probably change my answer. My friends and I took this photo at a fancy French-style coffee shop and the drinks did not disappoint!

9: What are you currently reading? I’m still reading The Secret History of Wonder Woman (fascinating read, by the way)! IMG_0686

10: What’s the first thing you see if you turn your head right? Unfortunately, my phone. I know, super boring. But after that it’s a gorgeous quilt that my grandma and I sewed together. “Together,” meaning my grandma sewed it and I cut out some squares and laid them out in a diamond pattern for her. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

11: If you have any pets, what are their names? The last pet I owned was a fish named Swirley.

Enough about me now! Please, please consider yourself nominated for this award. I’d love to learn more about you as well! If you chose to accept, let me know in a comment so I can check out your answers to these questions:

5 thoughts on “11 Q&As (Liebster Award)”

  1. Hi! Thanks for following me blog, I love finding new blogs. I’m definitely a coffee lover but I also go back and forth because I love tea too!☺️ I’ve also got Greece on my list of places to go, whenever I see pics it looks so stunning, especially the little islands like in mamma Mia 😄 I’ve actually just uploaded a post about the Liebster award on my blog too, it’s so great connecting with other blogs 😊✨

    1. Hi G! It’s a pleasure to meet you. Whoever makes it to Greece first between the two of us will have to share lots of pictures and travel tips 😄 Looking forward to reading your posts!

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