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My Top 5 Health Apps

How much do you really know about your body? Do you know how many grams of protein you’re eating daily or what your resting heart rate is? I know mine. Thanks to the tireless efforts of a few God-sent app developers. 

Keeping track of your health used to mean watching how your clothes fit. Nowadays, health tracking is way smarter. Here are my five favorite health apps on my phone right now:

1. FitMenCook: healthy recipes

I am in LOVE with this app! Thank you Kevin, for your equally healthy and delicious collection of guilt-free masterpieces. Seriously, I felt like a kitchen goddess after making Tex-Mex egg rolls, salmon burgers, chicken avocado pitas and about twenty other mouth-watering meals. 

One of the best app features is a personalized shopping list. You can adjust the serving number, then check ingredients off while you’re grocery shopping. So much win. 

2. Clue: period tracker

Just because periods aren’t pretty doesn’t mean your tracking app can’t be either. Clue is hands-down the best period, PMS, pill, acne, ovulation tracker out there. 

The user interface is clean and modern-finally a tracker free of garish pink flowers-and gives you plenty of options for personalized tracking. You can also opt into reminders so you’re never surprised by a new cycle. 

3. GymBook: strength training planner

I’ve tried several strength planner apps and I keep coming back to this one. Whether you’re a seasoned strength trainer or planning your weight room debut, I strongly (hehe) advise GymBook. 

I’m so committed to this app that I bought two (optional) in-app purchases! Which is a rare occurrence for my cheap self. GymBook’s exercise dictionary is one of my favorite features. It has the name and a simply illustrated GIF that shows the body movement and highlights targeted muscles. Being the visual thinker that I am, I basically turned into that heart-eyed emoji when I discovered this. 

4. FitBit: health tracker

If you’ve never used a fitness tracker before, get a FitBit! This was actually a Valentine’s gift from 2015 that just keeps giving. I love my Charge HR and it’s incomplete without the insightful FitBit app. 

It’s amazing what you don’t know about your own body until you wear a Fitbit for a month! When I first downloaded the app, my resting heart rate was 72. This month, it got down to 53. 

If that doesn’t speak volumes to you about the benefits of a fitness tracker, I don’t know what will. Seriously, seeing my workout fat burn duration, tracking the water I drink each day and watching my sleep trends has changed my life. 

5. Calm: mindful meditation

I actually didn’t even know I needed this app until after I downloaded it. Which I only did based on a friend’s suggestion. I’m glad I did it. 

Don’t worry, you won’t be learning low, throaty humming techniques. Calm teaches you how to focus your entire mind and body on the here and now. I never knew before how difficult it is to sit for 10 minutes without thinking about the day’s happenings or tomorrow’s problems. 

After doing the 7 day challenge, I even noticed that I was falling asleep quicker and more soundly. Definitely worth downloading even if you only use the free features! 

What health-related apps are on your phone? How has technology changed (or not changed) how you keep track of your health? Looking forward to hearing your responses! 

4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Health Apps”

  1. Great suggestions. I only know fitmencook from all these apps and it is a great one. The meditation app seems like a very interesting one. Out of health apps I use Mynetdiary to track food (I didnt really like MyfitnessPal) and I am glad I do as it helps me keep on track

    1. I applaud you for using Mynetdiary. I tried tracking my food with Livestrong’s app MyPlate and wasn’t dedicated enough to keep it up, ha. Let me know what you think of Calm if you end up trying it out!

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