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How to Properly Drink a Cup of Coffee

Approximately 90% of the world drinks coffee nowadays and the 10% that don’t are probably babies that aren’t old enough to drink it yet. So how is it that most of these people are still drinking their coffee wrong?

In honor of the world’s favorite morning pick-me-up, here are some tips on how to properly drink coffee.

Get Your Foam Game On

Unless you drink your coffee black, your cup of joe should be topped with a foam heart or swan or something mind-blowingly beautiful that makes you consider not even drinking it in fear of ruining such a masterpiece. Don’t let your latte down. Find a barista fairy and get a truly Instagram-worthy cup of caffeine.

Swan AND heart!

Spill on Yourself or Others

Where’s the fun in drinking a piping hot beverage unless you spill a little on someone? I personally spill about 5% of my beverage, usually on my leg and hand simultaneously.

Extra points for spilling on a white shirt!

Drink Out of a Beautiful Mug

Don’t insult your coffee by pouring it into an ugly mug. That’s like doing your hair and makeup beautifully just to put on a hoodie and baseball cap.

These are acceptable mugs for an adult drinking a cup of coffee:

  • Chic, trendy design
  • TV or movie inspired mug
  • Witty quote mug
  • One of those mugs that changes color when a warm liquid is poured into it
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
My coffee mug is so fly that you can see constelation lines when it’s filled with a warm drink

Forget to Drink Your Coffee Until It’s Room Temperature

We all know how insanely annoying it is to burn your tongue on a hot drink. Avoid that senseless pain by forgetting about your fresh cup of coffee for approximately 45 minutes. Then, you can enjoy your lukewarm cup in gulps instead of sips. Win-win!

Post a Photo of Your Joe

If you don’t post a photo on social media, did you really even enjoy that cup of coffee?

Your photo better have either a blurred-out nature background, angled wood table planks or a blatant coffee company logo. Coffee selfies are also acceptable. When posting your photo, don’t disrespect your drink by forgetting a #coffee hashtag. Or, commit 100% and create a new account solely for your coffee photos.

Look at that wood table and fresh flower eye-candy. You better believe I Instagrammed this!

There you have it. Armed with these tips, you can now say goodbye to mediocre and truly enjoy your next cup of coffee. Are you already following any of these tips? Share which ones in a comment below!

2 thoughts on “How to Properly Drink a Cup of Coffee”

  1. Haha this was not what I was expecting from this post! It was so much better. Love it. Definitely going to one or all of these things but you have to promise to follow my new coffee IG account lol

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