Spread Love, Not Hate

After seeing Jordyn’s post on ::darkness:: I felt compelled to write my own post as well. Because I believe like Martin Luther King Jr. that “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

This past week, our newsfeeds have been saturated with grotesquely racist crimes, lives ended too soon and a continued cycle of hate. In light of the recent tragedies (it breaks my heart that I need to use the plural of that word), I wanted to share a beautiful poem written by Anita Krizzan to remind us of who we are as a nation and of the good we are capable of. 

Because when we band together to protect humanity, regardless of skin color or gender or dialect, we become strong. We have the power to end this tragic cycle. Together, we can light our souls on fire to burn away the persistent darkness with something much stronger: love. 

Reject racism. Deny indifference. Remember the life-changing good that we are capable of.

The Dallas mayor has asked for a community of prayer today at noon. Wherever you are, in your office, at home, grabbing lunch, take a minute to stop and pray for peace for the victims, the families and our country. 

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