My Intimate Glass Chapel Wedding

I’ve officially been a wife for about three weeks now and am in full swing with all the name-changing paperwork (ugh). Luckily, my amazing friend bought me the Hitch Switch package, a box full of all the papers, envelopes and instructions needed to change your name! But, it still takes time. Before I get ahead of myself, let’s rewind. 

The Proposal

Brian and I were dating for about 6 years when he proposed. We planned a trip to Chicago a couple weeks before Christmas (Brian’s first time there) and I had the thought before we left, if I were Brian, I’d totally propose this weekend. You know what they say about great minds!

So, one day we go to visit Chicago’s Adler Planetarium because Brian knows how facinated I am by all things stars and space. The domed building is located on a long strip of land jutting into Lake Michigan. It’s just far enough from the city that you get a breathtaking view of the skyline. 

Brian sets up his camera on a tripod and says, “Go stand over there and I’ll take a picture of you with the skyline in the background.” Then, he hands me an envelope with only a ? written on it. 

I open the envelope and pull out a stack of photos. There is one of tree branches, a fire escape from my hometown, all images I recognize. About half way through the stack, I realize, These are letters! 

So, I start over from the beginning and read the question, “Will you marry me?” I look up and Brian is at my side, holding up a ring. 

As you can guess by my new Mrs. title, I said yes! He then explained that he’d been taking those photos for over a year, and every one was taken while I was with Brian. He even said, “I saw one letter when I wasn’t with you, so I had to go back and bring you with me.” 

The Wedding

Brian and I immediately agreed that we didn’t want a large, extravagant wedding. We seriously considered eloping, but I ended up crying when I told my mom about the idea, and we quicky realized that we wanted our parents there. So, we found a happy compromise. We had a destination-style wedding with our parents, siblings and my grandma there to witness. Oh, and our incredible photographer Danny Viver! 

It was so incredibly beautiful, I can barely put it into words. We were married in a secluded glass chapel, nestled in the Ozark forest area. It was breathtaking being in a glass building surrounded by green. I often feel closer to God in natural settings like this, which made it even more special.

Our first kiss as newlyweds!

The chapel itself was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, which explains how naturally stunning it is. Even the beams are all made of wood! 

The glass at the front of the chapel is so crystal clear that our coordinator told us she once had a bridesmaid run into it (thinking she was going outside) and knocked herself out! Luckily, we didn’t have any such incident.

We only had one (very minor) snafu. The minister had told me, “When you get up there, hold onto Brian’s arm with one hand and lift your skirt with the other because you don’t want to trip going up the stairs.” 

Well, I made my grand entrance and arrived at the stairs. I slipped my hand onto Brian’s arm and realized, I’m holding my bouquet with my other hand, how do I get up the steps in this dress? 

Good thing I married such a quick-thinking guy because Brian picked up the front of my skirt for me and we gracefully made it up the steps! 

Once we were up there, and the minister asked us to turn to each other and hold hands, I really saw my groom for the first time. He was so handsome, in his sharp suit and bow tie. He had a smile that instantly made me relax. All I saw was him. 

The entire ceremony went smoothly and it was so special to have such an intimate audience. 

After the ceremony, we spent our wedding night in a treehouse with a jacuzzi and outdoor porch overlooking the woods. 

At the treehouse, all alone, Brian and I read our hand-written vows to one another. Everything was so perfect and personal. I’ve never had a happier day in my life. 

The Honeymoon

For our honeymoon, we went to Jamaica with a layover in Toronto on the way back! But, I have so much to share of our adventures that I’ll save the photos and details for another post 🙂 

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