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Lessons From Rebel Grass

Look at this grass. Look how confident it is. Yeah, its surrounded by clean lines of cement. Sure, it’s growing out of some nasty washed up wood chip or something. But notice how it couldn’t care less what you think. 

This sprig of grass is just out there, standing all tall and green, disregarding the patch of clean-mowed, stuck-up grass just a few steps away. It doesn’t want to be part of that cookie cutter lifestyle. No, this grass is wild and untamable. 

And it doesn’t care that grass doesn’t traditionally grow out of a forsaken wood chip sitting on a cement patch. Nah, this grass is just like, ‘Oh hey, this is where I’m gonna grow now? Alright, let’s make this legendary! 

Be like this grass today. Be wild. Be confident. Be awesome. 

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