7 Little Luxuries

Did you know there’s a Hollywood A-lister who owns a pair of $2,500 Nikes made of ten animal skins. Oh, he was also gifted a $40M jet for Father’s Day. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, right? 

While I may never own a pair of shoes over $150 or wipe with Benjamin Franklins, I do know a thing or two about little luxuries. These may not earn me a page in People, but they sure do make my life a little more luxurious!

1. Nice shampoo & conditioner

There’s nothing like brushing fingers through silky, soft hair. Especially when your hair is ten feet long, like mine. I skip the day-two greaseball effect and splurge on some hair products. As I massage that expensive, aromatic shampoo into my scalp, I can feel the luxury soaking in. 

2.Woodwick candles

Regular candles are for peasants. If you have never owned a Woodwick, you’ve never truly appreciated a proper candle’s pleasant scent and diffused glow. The crackling wood wick makes me feel like I’ve captured a fireplace in a little glass jar. 

3. Extra fuzzy blankets

Fleece doesn’t stand a chance against the velvety softness of microfiber or faux fur. My blankets are required to elicit the sensation of sleeping in clouds. 

4. Fresh table flowers

Fresh flowers are the pearls of pretty tablescape. They add instant classiness and natural charm to any living space.

5. A silky bath robe

Last year, my Christmas present was a satiny, teal robe from Victoria’s Secret. I had no idea how much I needed this in my life until I wore it a couple times. It’s like wrapping myself in a sleek blanket of luxury. And I look just as elegant as I feel in it! 

6. Soft slippers

To compliment the bath robe, I have some exquisitely plush slippers. This was yet another Christmas gift that I didn’t know I needed until I had it. Now, walking barefoot at home is unenjoyable, to say the least. 

7. High quality running shoes

This is less of a luxury and more of a necessity, but it’s also an area that I spend more extravagantly. Good running shoes are like the street version of stilettos. 

There you have it! My seven little treat yo self items. What little luxuries make your life feel a bit more upscale? 

    This post was inspired by the Daily Post’s writing prompt: luxury. 

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