TV Shows I’m Obsessed With Lately

I’m curled up on the couch, TV screen screen flashing before me, blanket grasped tightly over my mouth. I’m poised to cover my eyes, should the faceless man appear again. He does. I gasp. Then the screen goes black. And I click “next episode.”

This has been my TV experience the past week. I just discovered Stranger Things on Netflix and have been consuming it every night. But, that’s just one of the many great TV shows I’m watching. Here are the best shows that I’m watching lately, from a child’s mysterious disappearance to a hacker revolution. 

Top TV Shows Lately

Stranger Things: 

This is my favorite Netflix original series to date. It’s a sci-fi mystery-thriller that will have you hooked after the first episode. Brian and I have the HARDEST TIME not starting the next episode after each credits screen. It’s about a mother who’s son mysteriously disappears and an even more mysterious girl who shows up with some very unique powers…

Mr. Robot: 

Last season, this show was nominated for 6 Emmys. I’m thrilled to confirm that the mind-blowing acting and cinematography continues into season two. Enter the mind of disturbed computer hacker Elliot and follow him on his dark quest to flip the world upside down. 


Okay, this is more of a lunch break indulgence but I’ll still count it as something I’m currently watching. This is seriously one of the best comedies around! I feel like I’m friends with every member in the eccentric study group. I even have a mug in my office of Troy and Abed’s morning talk show!


I love this cliffhanger British drama! It follows two detectives trying to solve a boy’s murder in a small town that is harboring some big secrets. You’ll have to get used to a pretty thick Scottish accent though. 


I’m not usually into legal dramas, but this one is refreshingly humorous and has some charming characters. It’s about a young guy with a photographic memory who is trying to make it in NY as a fraudulent lawyer. The witty back-and-forth banter makes the characters even easier to like. 

The Office (round two):

 I envy anyone who’s never seen The Office because they can look forward to experiencing it with fresh eyes. This is one of my all-time favorites! The characters feel like family and their interactions make for some great comedy. They’ll quickly have you coming back for more! That’s what she said.

There you have it! The best TV shows my eyes are gazing upon lately. Are you watching any great shows? 

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