A Private Tour into My Beloved Treasure Box

There’s something enchanting about treasure boxes. They sit quietly, guarding their contents until the day a curious soul discovers them. My mother’s jewelry box was like this. I remember exploring its contents as a kid, gingerly holding each earring or trinket. I’d examine all the intricate details, smell the aged brass. 

It’s fascinating to touch the pieces of another’s life in this way. To brush fingers with someone’s most valued possessions. It’s so intimate and captivating. 

Today, I am going to take you on an unprecedented voyage into the depths of my treasure box. I hope you enjoy this little peek at some of the well-kept stories of my life. 

Love Letters

I’m a writer and poet, so of course I will forever keep my love letters from Brian. They range from emails while dating to proposal photos to wedding vows. Each paper is a cherished piece of our history. A moment forever frozen in our timeline, sealed eternally with ink on paper. 

Postcards and Souvenirs

I used to make it a goal to buy a postcard in every state or country I visited. Unfortunately, I forgot to do so while in Canada and Jamaica 😦 talk about lost opportunities! These little pieces of paper are fun reminders of all the adventures I’ve had. And check out those golden Mickey Mouse ears! I was at Disney during their 50th anniversary, nbd. 

Flower Petals

My red rose petals are from a banquet that Brian and I attended. He met me at the bottom of the stairs with a single red rose in hand. I was captivated. 

The yellow rose, Brian grew for me from a seedling. He cared for and nurtured it until it was in full bloom. It’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received. 

Farmhouse Treasures

My grandparents used to live on a farm where my sister and I would visit every summer and during family holidays. I treasured my time there, disconnected from urban life. I remember playing with our pail of figurines and reading books from long before our time. And I remember ringing that metal cowbell at night, a call to grandma when I had a bad dream or needed someone to walk with me to refill my water bottle. 

Ticket Stubs

Similar to my postcards, my ticket stubs remind me of the fun expeditions I’ve had. From the admission ticket for Chicago’s glass box hanging 103 stories over the city to the concert ticket from the night of Brian and I first kissed, these are all momentos of treasured memories. 

Little Trinkets

There’s no rhyme or reason to this collection. A buckeye seed, $2 bills, a seashell, an African finger instrument: all random trinkets I’ve saved. There’s even a piece of bright orange clay stone wrapped in paper. Why? Just because.

Foreign Coins

These beauties remind me that money is just paper and metal. Here in America, none of these coins hold any value as they are. But I still think they’re pretty and strange, so I keep them. 

Do you have a keepsake box of your own? What kind of items are in yours? 

5 thoughts on “A Private Tour into My Beloved Treasure Box”

  1. I love keepsake boxes! I hardly ever go through mine. I’ve kept old notes, gifts from exes, random meaningful objects from my parents and grandparents, different types of money, and loads of printed pictures! I always thought I’d go through it because I’d forgot what’s in it, but my memory is so good I always remember 😂

    1. That is so cool that you have a keepsake box! I love that you save different types of money and notes, too. Isn’t that funny how being worried about forgetting helps you to remember things? Haha, I am the exact same way.

      1. I started it a very young age too. I was paranoid that I would forget when I’m older. Yet I’m older and I can remember all of it. 🙂

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